Here's Why No Diet Has Ever Worked For You Before (And Why It Never Will)

Many people resort to diets when they feel they are overweight and those annoying extra pounds start to affect their everyday lives. They scour forums and blogs and rush to buy the latest "health magazines" and diet books that rarely, if ever, deliver the promised results.

Some of these "diets" are downright crazy and unhealthy, with the main objective being to starve you in the hope you will lose unwanted fat. Needless so say, dangerous diets like these are frequently pushed by so-called "expert nutritionists" who are only interested in selling their products and achieving their ultimate objective; profiting from you and taking advantage of your desperate wish to lose excess pounds.

The bottom line is...

Most of the strict but ineffective diets out there are temporary eating plans, which means that sooner or later they have to come to an end. They usually involve deprivation and nearly always lead to over-eating (or in another words, the diet-binge cycle.) The reason for this is simple: since you're forcing your body into starvation mode, your body reacts by slowing down your metabolism -- and this makes the task of losing weight really hard.

And let's add to this another negative and worrying factor about these diets: they're potentially harmful and can lead to eating disorders. They usually end up with you returning to your unhealthy eating habits since your body craves essential nutrients that have been lacking due to a starvation diet. Unfortunately, it's very common to see people falling back into their old eating habits; they "keep running round in circles" in a vicious,never-ending and miserable cycle.

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To encourage your metabolism to burn unwanted fat, you need a powerful and effective diet that targets celullar inflammation, which is the actual root cause of fat accumulation in the body.

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